Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pantun Mat Salleh - Marriage Life Before & After

Before marriage.
Darling here.. darling there...
After marriage.
Baling here... baling there..

Before marriage.
I die for you. . .
After marriage.
'You die, up to you. '
Lagi lama married.
You die I help you!

ada lagi!!!

Before marriage.
You go anywhere. . I follow you.
After marriage. .
You go anywhere. . up to you .
Lagi lama married.
You go anywhere, better u got lost!!

Before wedding
you are my heart, you are my love'
After wedding
'you get on my nerves.

Before wedding
'you are sweet and kind just like Cinderella'
After wedding
'you are worse than godzila'

Before wedding
Roses are red, violets are blue. Like it or not, I'm with you
After wedding
Roses are dead, I am blue. You get on my head, I sue you!

Before wedding
Every makan he brings you to Shangri-La
After wedding
You want to go, he says you wait-la!

Before wedding
She looks like Anita Sarawak
After wedding
Don't know whether katak or pontianak


wawan said... [Reply to comment]


manggosteen said... [Reply to comment]

omputih pon pandai berpantun!

Nadia Abdullah said... [Reply to comment]

he3...orang puteh malaysia nih :P

愛 - ちゃん said... [Reply to comment]

Nice pantun!

acan ketot said... [Reply to comment]


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

kemain omputeh ni berpantun plak dye. hahha.

DeCrewz said... [Reply to comment]

Kah2.. Baru ku tahu bahawasanya omputih pun pandai berpantun...

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